Friday, 1 July 2016

Summer Holidays

So this blog hasn't been getting any updates for- *checks calendar* the whole of June o: . Main reason for that was that I was away on a lovely family holiday in Corfu.

Agios Georgios Corfu

So that was good, shame that I didn't spare some time to put a note up on this blog beforehand. Oh well I'll have to keep trying to keep up with weekly updates. To be fair I didn't take a computer away with me so I've not got a whole lot of coding to post :P

I've been playing a lot of German city builder games recently. Settlers 7 and Anno 1404 in particular. It's pretty likely that my next programming hobby project will be related to them.

I'll be thinking about what to develop for version 0.4 of the Voxel Editor too, what functionality would *I* as a user like to see the most?

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