Sunday, 29 May 2016

Voxel Editor Version 0.3

As mentioned last week I've been working away at the Voxel Editor program. Been adding so many new features that it's high time I shared them here to get feedback from people. As always the program can be found at the bottom of this post :P

Current screenshot of Editor

The schematic shown here is a replica of a cool build by MCNoodlor, their stuff is great and worth checking out :D Hopefully the rest of the interface appears correctly in the program when you run it. If it doesn't let me know!

Summary of additions for version 0.3

  • Slice view now uses Minecraft textures
  • Slice view also shows lower layers faded out with current layer highlighted
  • Overview uses Minecraft isometric blocks and can be rotated
  • Schematic is not limited to having equal length, width, height anymore
  • All blocks from classic Minecraft!
  • Toggle between topdown view and large isometric view
  • Function to trim empty space from schematic edges

At this juncture there are a number of different possibilities for future development and it can be a little hard to decide on what to add next. More powerful editing tools? A full 3D render? All of the Blocks in current Minecraft? Even a full revamp of the entire interface? So much to do : 3

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