Sunday, 25 October 2015

Cellular Automata Sim v0.2

Been too long since I last posted an update here. Progress on the user interface for the Cellular Automata Sim has been fantastic :D Been a whole lot of fun to prototype the layout and then implement it in code. It now does so many neat things I feel a UI should be capable of; zooming, panning, fit to screen. Hell I even got a fullscreen button in there.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Javascript Cellular Automata Editor

After spending time learning to save and load text then images I have now moved onto creating save files for more complex objects. This program allows you to create schematics for a kind of Cellular Automata which follows rules similar to logic gates. The rules are a mix of the Von Neumann cellular automata I was experimenting with previously and some of the thoughts I had after playing the excellent Infinifactory.

Sorry that the program is light on instructions, you can select tools from the top menu:

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Prototype Character Generator

Character Generator Been chatting to a friend of mine about procedural content generation in games, got to talking about creating characters in such a manner for Dungeons and Dragons. The idea would be to play the role of the leader of an adventuring guild sending parties of random adventurers into similarly random dungeons :)

I do so enjoy creating procedural programs so I said I'd be happy to help out. We'll probably explore this idea in a pen and paper format but I went and coded a prototype of a browser-based character generator. The results are very simplistic but its oddly compelling to see what the program will produce.

If you come across an amusing combination do let me know!

DnD Character Generator (prototype)