Saturday, 15 April 2017

London Update!

Well then, looks like I might manage a monthly update schedule on this blog with how busy things have been lately :P Busy in the best of ways though!

London Calling
Over the past month I have been very organized in terms of work and real life stuff; PocketCiv continued to be worked on but more importantly... I now work as a software developer in London! :D

It's been a fantastic experience moving to London, huge thanks to Ben Davie and the Godfreys for letting me stay at their places in London whilst I got accommodation sorted out. Really appreciated getting to stay over in between traveling all over London.

The flat I eventually settled on is rather nice. A small cosy, inexpensive place with only a 20 minute commute by train into central London. I love it when public transit is done well :3

PocketCiv version 0.1 when?
As for hobby programming project work? That has been going great too :D
London, being such a huge metropolis has places like the LoadingBar where indie game developers can meet up to work on their games and show them off to other developers. I was lucky enough to hear about and attend the BonusStage event on the 2nd of April. Got to see some neat in development games and talk to the creators :o

LoadingBar also acts as a Co-working space for inde-devs during the day, will probably visit it quite often when I'm not busy with work work :P I went along to it yesterday (good Friday bank holiday) and re-acquianted myself with the PocketCiv codebase:

Now that's a well-formed empire's territory!

Managed to re-jigger the sidebar to work a little bit better (tidied it's code too :P ) and the game has the beginnings of mouse controls and a minimap:

Still working on arrangement of sidebar contents...
PocketCiv is now looking very much like the graphical mockup I posted last month and the latest in-development version is linked on the Github repository :P

I'd love to give a timeplan for when I'll be doing the first proper v0.1 release but it just so happens that there's gonna be a Ludum Dare Compo next weekend, super stoked to get to take part in it at an in-person event this time! :D