Sunday, 10 April 2016

Procedural Pokedex

Seeded Pseudorandom Pokedex

I believe I mentioned this project some weeks ago and a recent foray into Cascading Style Sheets seemed like a good time to pretty this project up in order to post it. I have mixed feelings about using CSS to do styling. Sure it is going to work correctly on more browsers and is probably more efficient but I enjoy doing everything with JavaScript; that way I can pretend to be coding a native executable instead of a web app :P

So this procedural pokedex uses pseudorandom number generation, much like this Map generator. So whenever you come across a neat generated Pokemon you can make a note of the seed value to be able to recreate it.

The Pokedex will be 150 entries long, completely arbitrary limit but more than that and I would probably want to explore splitting it up into multiple pages. You can sort by any of the properties, including non-numerical ones, by clicking on the table headers. First click will be in ascending order, second descending.

I haven't made the entries exhaustive, a true procedural Pokedex would have to include catch rate, evolutions, moves, even breeding groups! I made sure to have the same colour and body style descriptors that the later games had. It would be cool to create some sprites procedurally out of these general descriptions : 3

Post is late because I spent Friday night beating Good Robot, a neat little shoot'em up made by the fine folks at Petroglyph games and Twenty Sided. Now that I've beaten it I may mess around with modding it :)

Procedural Pokedex

Pokedex Seed:

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