Friday, 19 February 2016

Generic Status Update

This week was busy with things not related to programming projects. So just a little update here to keep to my word of posting weekly. 

My idea of creating an image of a Voxel schematic with the information to create it encoded in the image data still needs more work. I think using the alpha transparency channel is messing up the values in the three colour channels per pixel. If I don't make any progress on fixing this soon I'll put the idea on the backburner and refocus on better interface elements. I still feel this is the main programming project I'll work on for a while.

Speaking of other projects, been messing around with an interface for a text adventure. Played in the browser naturally as downloading programs is sooo 2010's :P I have a vague sense that a command line based system of input and output is the simplest and least resource intensive kind of interface a program could have. More complex would be a minimal graphical system, say flat colour squares. Then some kind of 2D render with sprites and finally a full blown 3D render. 

I'd like to investigate having a program that allows the simulation/model/state etc. to be visualized in any of the four manners. It would be good to have modular versions of each display method available to plug into any project I decide to tinker with :)

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