Friday, 22 January 2016

Computer Issues

It's Friday and I have not done much programming this week. I have been busy fixing my computer. My attempt to dual-boot Windows and Linux went awry when resizing the Windows hard drive partition corrupted the Windows side of it. Lost all the files on the hard drive, thankfully I keep most of my files on Dropbox :) Tried to recover the installation of Windows 7 but restore from factory settings did not succeed. In the end I got enough of Windows 7 working to be able to download and install Windows 10. Will have to see how well it works as I re-install my preferred programs.

Did do a little bit of programming recently. Been exploring procedural demographics. I'd like to be able to populate a virtual village with NPCs who all have family connections, parents and children. It would be great to have a comfy village simulator like Banished with more detailed AI agents and less of a focus on carefully balancing resources to survive.

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