Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Javascript Cellular Automata Editor

After spending time learning to save and load text then images I have now moved onto creating save files for more complex objects. This program allows you to create schematics for a kind of Cellular Automata which follows rules similar to logic gates. The rules are a mix of the Von Neumann cellular automata I was experimenting with previously and some of the thoughts I had after playing the excellent Infinifactory.

Sorry that the program is light on instructions, you can select tools from the top menu:

  • Wire can be placed with left click, hold and drag to create a length of wire.
  • Charge is placed onto existing wires causing a signal to flow through them, it too can be dragged over multiple wire segments.
  • Inverters will produce a signal when they receive no input and stop when they do (a Nor-gate). The tool switches normal wires to inverters and vice-versa.
  • Splitters allow input signals to be split into multiple output signals, vital to creating latches or other patterns involving feedback. A splitter will not transmit a signal directly into an adjacent splitter, put a wire separating them.
The right mouse button will always remove a cells contents, hold and drag to remove a square of cells at once.

When the save button is pressed you will be prompted to give the schematic a name and choose where you want to store it on your computer. The schematics are stored in png image format, with each pixel corresponding to a single cells contents. This means you can get a preview of what the schematic is by looking at the file thumbnail! :D You could open the file and edit in an image editor but this program only recognises a few colours as corresponding to valid cell contents.

The program defaults to an example schematic of various logic gates to show you what this CA ruleset is capable of making.

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