Thursday, 26 February 2015

I'm not dead

Although anyone who stumbled upon this blog could be forgiven for thinking it had been abandoned that is not the case. What I have is an acute case of procrastination-itis. A condition most expressed in my hesitancy to upload content to the internet. Working out what is suitable to be publicly accessible (in theory) to absolutely anyone gives me a crisis of confidence. Hence why I only end up posting when I have an tangible piece of code to share.

That isn't to say that I have much pride in what I post! Due to my kludge of putting Javascript source code in blog entries they often break when viewed on a page all at once, only working when viewed separately. My mess of a site brings me great shame, so much so that I have stopped posting code to it as I know it will remain messy. Doing the hardwork of debugging my method of presenting programs is not an appealing task.

Because the biggest irony is that while I haven't posted code I have been busy on all kinds of little projects. Some of which I am super proud of and deserve to be given the polish to be presented here. To give a few examples
  • A terrain generator with simple climate and rainfall model which gives names to each island.
  • Von Neumann's Universal Cellular Automata in Space!
  • 3D models built from scratch in WebGL
  • Virtual builder bots who terraform their surroundings into anthill-like pyramids.
  • A goddamn scale model of the Universe
There is all this cool stuff that I am proud of but it has never made the crucial jump from my hobby programming folder to a better platform for it. This is not to mention all the interesting things I have been up to and would love to write about.

But without a clear goal of updating I have let a whole year pass without putting anything up here. It can be rather grim considering the implications of this. By limiting my interactions to offline friends only I am missing out on a whole host of opportunities to share and learn about my hobbies. It is really difficult to remain enthused about a project when I don't share it with others.

So in summary this post is simply to state that I am still alive and intend to bring new content to this blog. I'm pretty certain the internet being the way it is nobody I don't tell about this place will ever find it. I still want a place to be able to easily share projects with friends though.

I want there to be a content post up here before the end of the week. 

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