Saturday, 27 July 2013

Space RTS game

Needs to be played in Chrome or Firefox!
Newest code project was a simple strategy game I made for my brothers birthday.
The concept is of interstellar empires trying to take over the galaxy but the graphics are so abstract that it could be anything really!
You play as the red empire whose star systems can be selected by clicking or dragging the left mouse button and can send out fleets to attack with the right mouse button. Seven other empires exist and are trying to do the same thing.

Extra controls:
a - selects all currently owned systems
p - pauses the game
r - resets the game state back to the beginning

My Next aim of this project would be to add actual graphics to this. All my programs to date have had little more than boxes to denote objects. Using images on an HTML canvas is new to me so I'll have a fair bit to learn first!

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