Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lets Make Civ 1!

This here is a very much in progress shot of my most current programming project. For those who don't recognize it this is a map viewer very much in the style of the 1991 DOS game Civilization. Its not much so far, which is understandable as it's my first real foray into Visual C++. I hope to ape the style of the classic turn based 4x game while adding enough of my own ideas to make it more than just a fan recreation. Ideas such as:

  • Larger mapsize with equivalently larger numbers of cities and countries.
  • More detailed geographical regions with labels for subcontinents and oceans as well as more detailed subregions of countries (counties and administrative districts).
  • Units movement in a "real time" frame say a year a second with more complex movement round the poles eg. crossing the Northpole from Canada to Russia.
  • Eventually a whole new 3D globe view with polygonal landmasses(okay this one is a real long term goal)
Next step will be to add some more terrain types, major cities and country borders. I'm focusing on replicating the actual world map first before I try to procedurally create my own.

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